Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Resolute Joe Act 7: Spirit......with a twist

Hey all,

Here comes my first project after the vacation. Spirit is one of those subjects that I... http://digg.com/u1LS3P

"Special Force Arms" weapon sets

Saw these posted at Storerooms

1/6 Special Force Arms - Series 1 Full Set: Store-Rooms.com... http://digg.com/u1LS3O


Here is part 2 of our little weekend shooting. A great thank you to Chris and Peter. for bringing... http://digg.com/u1LS3Q

Polish police counter terrorist operator

I'd like to introduce my new bash
it's a version of polish police counter terrorist operator
from... http://digg.com/u1LRuM

Israeli Yamam operator v.2.0

In cooperation with counter terror specialist Mr Eitan Meyr
I'd like to introduce a second version... http://digg.com/u1LRuL

Arkham Asylum Batman

Several companies have been very successful with the Batman (Batman Begins and Dark Knight)... http://digg.com/u1LRuI

USMC sniper team Iraq

Image: http://ping.fm/iqS5H ... http://digg.com/u1LRuO

Michael Westen - Pre-Burn Notice CIA Operator

I like my Mikey in his more recognizable suit, but it doesn't fit my collection. Don't have any... http://digg.com/u1LRUz

VTS Stone Cold Killers (photo review)

Image: http://ping.fm/IQDqu

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LRUx

Hot Toys Ghost Rider coming soon?

Found this whilst snooping around the Asian boards today...

Hot Toys ´cÆF¾ÔĵGhost Rider -... http://digg.com/u1LRUy

Getting paid for custom work?

Is anyone getting paid for doing custom work? Alot of you guys posted some really good head/body... http://digg.com/u1LRDM

VHT Future Combat System Fitting Tests

Just bought them, a fan of VHT's original stuff, the helmet can do with some enhancement such as... http://digg.com/u1LRDP

My DEVGRU Gold Team

Just mugging about with the new SS Goldteam uniform on my mohawk guy :)
Looks kinda wild, so I... http://digg.com/u1LRDO

GSG-9 hands?

im new to all this is there a tip on changing the hands out i cant seem to get the pegs out of the... http://digg.com/u1LRDN

Classy Trio of Birthdays for Tuesday 01/26/10

Let's help these OSWers celebrate their birthdays today---

prvtnoclass... http://digg.com/u1LQrO

Any plans on a HT Jill Valentine?

as the update Alternative/Gold editions will have Jill is there any plans from Hot Toys in making... http://digg.com/u1LQrP

Universal Carrier a Commisioned Build

Here are a few pics of a Universal Carrier I was commisioned to scratchbuild for a fellow member of... http://digg.com/u1LQrN

the quastion about USMC 2 M.E.F hot toys

i just wanted to ask will the helmet,head set,goggles and hood fit the following hot toys... http://digg.com/u1LQbE

1/6 WW2 German Concrete Bunker (THE SHELL WIP)

Next up I have a WW2 German concrete bunker I have been working on this is the shell (Please... http://digg.com/u1LQJo

FJ, Monte Cassino 1944 En Route To The Monastery

Ok guys I just revived in the mail a lot of WW2 German gear I acquired in a trade with a fellow... http://digg.com/u1LQ8M

Monday, January 25, 2010

Soviet Border Guard W/SKS (1950's)

All the parts on this one are Dragon except the rifle and belt(TUS.) I stripped and repainted the... http://digg.com/u1LNrA

New from Triad Toys: Ghost figure

She doesn't look so great undressed, but in full kit she's a beauty! Those hooded shots look as if... http://digg.com/u1LNJ3

new guy here...

Hello my name is Justin... I live in Lake City, Florida, any fellow collectors from North Florida?... http://digg.com/u1LN7y

Help woth saddles

I wonder if someone could help me out with putting a DID realistic horse german saddle on a dragon... http://digg.com/u1LN7z

quick mods

Here's a few really mods to some already awesome figures

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LMmm

Sdkfz 250/1 walk around images

Sdkfz 250/1 First Outdoor Images

My latest addition to the motor pool.
Some might have already... http://digg.com/u1LMml

Arctic Soldier of the Near Future WIP

I recently got the Soldier Story DEVGRU, and for some reason, decided to bash him into an arctic... http://digg.com/u1LMbe

Help Needed to customise a Michael Jackson Figure

Hi everybody,

I am a newbie and this is my first post so i hope you guys will go easy on me if i... http://digg.com/u1LISd

Anyone heard from Sawgunner?

I sent him a PM aver 3 weeks ago. He's MIA. http://digg.com/u1LGlw

Post Apocalyptic Vietnam Bash: Les Nam De Plume

My latest custom, Nam De Plume:

Image: http://ping.fm/plCQE ... http://digg.com/u1LFdz

message for 1:6 vehicle builder

I must know how you guys do it I need to build 1:6 scale WWII vehicles

US and german http://digg.com/u1LFdy

sweat stains ?

whats the best way to make sweat stains on white material like a white felt hat http://digg.com/u1LFdx

DML Astronauts aldrin and buck.

So guys who have this figure. Which one is cooler? Also which is closer to the apollo 13 gear... http://digg.com/u1LFX2

"Woof woof woof" That's My Other Dog Impression! (Oddball: Kelly's heroes)

Hi Everyone,

Here is my finished Donals Sutherland as Oddball figure from Kelly's Heroes... http://digg.com/u1LFPO

"Captain Millers" very tricky DID

I was on the DID site this morning and I noticed that they changed the new "Captain Miller" figure... http://digg.com/u1LEic

Trade Boxes: 1/6 Community Building or Community Black-Eye?

About five or six years ago (and I can't remember the forum, it could've been OSW) I got involved... http://digg.com/u1LEie

Harrison Ford in Air Force One

Just watch the DVD last weekend...:banana

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LEid

Alien Egg: Homemade!! (Pic Heavy)

*Hi guys,
Can't afford a hot toys egg so I had a go at making my own (I think they're a bit small... http://digg.com/u1LDCp

Pair of Birthdays for Monday 01/25/10

OSW Birthday Wishes go out to---

Bluefox... http://digg.com/u1LDCq

Heads, Hands (knees and toes...)

Hey there folks!

I've just begun working on a film project pitch using 1/6 figures and stop motion... http://digg.com/u1LCnx

[NEW] 1/6 Kamen Rider FAIZ (555) by RAH-Medicom

Image: http://ping.fm/WoaCp
Dammit, I had to wait THIS long for... http://digg.com/u1LCVh

Toys City rolled up Zeltbahn.

Could someone enlighten me about the size the fabric is when you unroll one of Toys City's... http://digg.com/u1LCI6

Berserk - Gutz (by ADartwork)

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LCI5

STAR WARS Bountyhunters...4-LOM and Zuckuss...The Hunt for Han Solo

Hey guys,
its me again with some Star Wars stuff. I am pretty much a Star Wars fan since I was a... http://digg.com/u1LBjR

A Battle Of Wits 墨攻 (by armysr400)

A custom figure/stand from armysr400, share with you!

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LBjQ

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WW2/US 101Airborne Division/Normandy.


Image: http://ping.fm/K1EXj

101Airborne... http://digg.com/u1LBTM

Need head?

What head went to this body on the right side? Thanks.

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LBMs

HT John Connor Final Battle Head Question

Anyone have these and tried to remove the blood off of the Headsculpt? I'm wondering if it could... http://digg.com/u1LAjd

Sdkfz 250/1 Build journal and images

250/1 Normandy Plus “Generic Vehicle” *** Construction of the vehicle***

This is my lates project,... http://digg.com/u1LAdR

Marine Saw gunner

Image: http://ping.fm/dTZDD ... http://digg.com/u1LAXL

MW2 Juggernaut

As promised in the 141 group bash.
Here are some work-in-progress pics of my Juggernaut.

Some... http://digg.com/u1LAS8

Off Comms

Hi guys. My computer crashed and I have been without for about 10 days now. I've been trying to... http://digg.com/u1LAG3

Four-fer of Birthdays for Sunday 01/24/10

A Big OSW Birthday Shoutout to the following Warriors---

Chii... http://digg.com/u1LA9U

Japanese SAMURAI with firearms "Tanega-shima",


Image:... http://digg.com/u1L9y7

Cigar Smokers Wanted

This post is intended as a bit of a mixture between a "heads up" and a request. Some brands of... http://digg.com/u1L9QL

pixs. of different bodies?

There use to be some pixs. around here of the different bodies types of 1/6 nude male figures. Now... http://digg.com/u1L9QI

The Making Of 1:6 Levi's Jeans

This is my 2nd time to make this jeans again but with pattern amendment and also with more accuracy... http://digg.com/u1L9QH

The Mission Is A Man (WIP)

Hi Guys,

Here's my latest shoot. It's my ranger squad so far from Saving Private Ryan.
I've got... http://digg.com/u1L9Bi

DML WelBike

Hi guys!
This is my paint work on the Dragon Model's Welbike.
Thank you for looking.
Probably I... http://digg.com/u1L9Bh

APB out for

The sexiest, risque' yet very dangerous Fem action figure. Although I think I'll stick to Soldiers,... http://digg.com/u1L90d

Triumphal Procession

Yesterday Chris and Peter, two guys from the German AFD Board, visited me with their figures. We... http://digg.com/u1L8Ks

21st Old Faithful Sentry, Remember This?

Image: http://ping.fm/IF3Vy ... http://digg.com/u1L7qY

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fur Hats ? Davy Crockett maybe.....

Hi, Rhonda my better half came up with some headgear she would like comments on, if you would be... http://digg.com/u1L7l5

1:6 Scale VW bus!!

Never seen one of these before, got real excited. Sorry if this has been posted before. Here ya... http://digg.com/u1L7Tl

Some M4 identification help please

Hi guys

I'm trying to piece together an M4 like the one in the picture below.

Would I be right in... http://digg.com/u1L7Tk

Playhouse GSG-9 Photo Review...by your donation

Image: http://ping.fm/vmzsH

Dear... http://digg.com/u1L7Tm

[HUMOR] 1/12, meet 1/6!!! (and much disaster happened)

Boredom does strange things to one's mind...especially when one collects so many different figures... http://digg.com/u1L7PQ

1/6 scale musical instruments

Does anybody have any recommendations who sells these (besides ebay)?
Ive done massive Google... http://digg.com/u1L7BD

Juggernaut anyone?

We have some super talented customizers here on OSW and i was wondering is anybody working on a... http://digg.com/u1L6ta

My Gi Joe Firefly rendition

I figure that everybody is in disconent with the Sideshow rendition, but I personally think it's... http://digg.com/u1L6tZ

Question re mini springs for rifle bipod

Can any of you good folk point me in the right direction as to where to get those miniature springs... http://digg.com/u1L6o8

need help please

guys just got my Dennis EOD figure, how the heck does that suit go on? help! if you have pics that... http://digg.com/u1L6oA

Where to find 1/6th quick-lock buckles?

Specifically, the type BBI used on their later holsters, circa Chopper/Rosanna/Trident/Chuck, etc?... http://digg.com/u1L6LY

Custom 13" Starfire

Another commission using DCD's 13" female base body. Head sculpt is a casting from their Batgirl,... http://digg.com/u1L6Cc

Pride and Glory

Image: http://ping.fm/wJC2e

Image:... http://digg.com/u1L65s

Solo Birthday for Saturday 01/23/10

OSW wishes the following Warrior a Happy Birthday---

echin1234... http://digg.com/u1L5yA

Task Force 141 : Ozone

Yup another MW2 kitbash from me, this time my take is "Ozone". so enjoy guys one shot only.
Image:... http://digg.com/u1L5y9

More Photograph Recreations from SPR

Hi Everyone,

Here are some more photograph recreations, this time from the movie Saving Private... http://digg.com/u1L5al

[HELP] Hot Toys Iron man repair

Image: http://ping.fm/wSVja
so i got the Iron man for... http://digg.com/u1L5R9

WWII Sci-fi Project with Sixth Scale Models

Hey Folks,

I just finished up this little presentation for an alternate history WWII sci-fi... http://digg.com/u1L4PX

Friday, January 22, 2010

Complicated 1/6 figure you wish modifiers or companies would make

I, not being skilled in modding figures wish someone would try to make a 1/6 tron (old school)... http://digg.com/u1L4Gg

It's no longer a rumor. 21C has been reborn as All-Go Toys.

It's no longer a rumor. 21C has been reborn as All-Go Toys. So far there's no mention of any 1:6... http://digg.com/u1L4BN

Hasbro Ironman Mod.

I scored 2 Hasbro's Repulsor Power IRONMANs for just 13USD each... and came across some knock-off... http://digg.com/u1L4BM

Got my older G.I. Joes updated clothing

What a big difference. Yes they are different guys but it was the progression I'm focusing on. I... http://digg.com/u1L44U

1/6 Chuck Taylors

DocHolliday666 asked me if I could paint a pair of HT Spirit Converse "Chuck Taylors" from the all... http://digg.com/u1L3qZ

deals on Ignite

went to EBT today-they are selling Ignite at 30 dollars --, Ninja, romans, gladiator figs bought... http://digg.com/u1L2qC

Reliable store?

As the topic says is this a reliable store:
Angolz Stores... http://digg.com/u1L2qA

Some advise please

Hi guys

I'm wanting to bash one of our NZ National Heroes, "Willie Apiata", but I need a little... http://digg.com/u1L2Pt

SS CIA SAD Ver1 on ebay

is up for bids at $177.00 with still one day left...WOW, didn't know these were going to be a hot... http://digg.com/u1L2Ps

Ok, I have tried to find out in fear of being laughed at...

...but I have failed because I don't know what words to use.

Please help....what is a "wired"... http://digg.com/u1L28Q

Who do you think makes the best bare hands?

I know that this has been discussed before but there are some newer hands out there that I don't... http://digg.com/u1L1xh

XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System (WIP)

Hey all,

I've had success with small 28mm, Clix-scale, and 1:1000 scale starship modeling through... http://digg.com/u1L1l7

Hot Toys Super Glue?

Does anyone know if a super glue comparable to what Hot Toys or any one-sixth company uses is... http://digg.com/u1L1l6

Four Fine Birthdays for Friday 01/22/10

Celebrating a birthday today are these fine OSWers---

Folkwulfe... http://digg.com/u1L1ca

1/6 Oil drums... Know of any?

I had seen that some metal one's were coming out but I want plastic (due to weight).

Any info... http://digg.com/u1L1cd

Is the new Hot Toys Alien Big Chap worth getting?

Is this figure worth getting? I am afraid it will break on me. I have not have had a good... http://digg.com/u1L1cb

Favourite headsculpt?

Out of all the heads I've seen in 1/6th, I think my absolute favourite would have to be BBI's... http://digg.com/u1L1cc

Question about Patches


I'm totally new to the hobby and I have a (probably dumb) question about patches :bag

I... http://digg.com/u1L1PX

It's a funny world we live in. Speaking of which, do you know how I got these scars?

Image: http://ping.fm/qUuWq
Image:... http://digg.com/u1L19J

'Iron Cross Awardee' - Serang's New Head Sculpt.

Image: http://ping.fm/jf8lc

Hi, everyone~.
Here is my new... http://digg.com/u1L19K